Facchin’s exceptional transport: our advantages.

Our customers know this: if we have become the reference point for exceptional transport in the Veneto region, there is a reason. This because of the choices we have been making on a daily basis for more than fifty years, it is because of the exclusive benefits and services that we have developed to cover over 10 million kilometres. Excellence that becomes Exceptional.

From the feasibility study, the meticulous care and preparation of the cargo, up to the preparation of the technical escort.

See our drivers in action and discover our benefits where they make a difference: on the road.


We outline the curves with exceptional care. Like an artist on his masterpiece.

Over impossible

State-of-the-art vehicles, caution and training. In this way we overcome every obstacle.


Each transport service is the culmination of a journey like no other.


to details

Knowing the itinerary from the inside out means to prevent and find solutions promptly.


Respect for times,
for the road, for products

Our efforts are aimed at achieving excellence, whatever the commodity and destination.


A close-knit

The strength of our team is that it has a passion for what it does. This our fuel for every challenge.


Carry out a transport operation with us.

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